Seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time

Grand Canyon

Only a day afer departing Sedona Arizona did we arrive at the Grand Canyon. Sunday June 11th we entered the National Park where we decided to stay for the next 4 days. There were Elks everywhere, and not being from around the area we had mistaken them for massively large deer. They were not afraid one bit to get close to the campgrounds, or people. I’m sure I could have pet one, but I wanted to be respectful. So I kept my distance. Once we showered and got a bit of food in our stomachs, around sunset we decided to walk to the ledge to see the Canyon. The moment my eyes laid on that Canyon I was in awe. Anyone who’s ever been will tell you just how surreal it looks, even when you are standing right before it. I saw a few others had climbed down to a more narrow rock on the edge, and I decided to follow them. I wanted to get as far into the Canyon as possible, and if you take a look at my instagram page, you will see the beautiful photos I took

I’m not sure I could accurately articulate the moment I experienced sitting on that ledge. It’s a beauty that humbles you and makes you speechless. You become completely unaware of the time that passes as you stare in admiration of its magnifigance. The wind blowing in my hair as I watched the sunset behind the canyon, I was completely speechless. My whole life I said how I wanted to see the Grand Canyon. Being a military brat I’ve seen other countries, but I always felt like I haven’t explored my own as much as I desired. I couldn’t help but cry in that moment. Cry because for once in my life I said I wanted to do something, and exactly that I did. Only a few months prior had I decided I wanted to travel, and here I was, in front of the grand canyon. I was doing it. I am currently doing it. I Felt an overwhelming amount of joy and gratitude for life, my parents, friends, and myself. I felt excited for the road ahead, for my entire life ahead. I couldn’t help but feel as if the world was my oyster and nothing could stop me from achieving my dreams. I gained so much confidence in that moment. I’ll cherish that experience, always.

Hiking the Grand Canyon, however,  not as wonderful of an experience. Though given a chance I would love to try to hike it again! Being from florida, well as most of you know, it’s pretty flat in my home state. So confession time, I’ve never hiked before. Yes, my first hike was the Grand Canyon. No, I did not hike the entire 14 miles, but I did hike 9.2 miles of it round trip. I hiked down the canyon to the indian garden, and back up, and on the way up I had to ask myself if this was a suicide attempt. The grand Canyon is a steep hike, and there is a good mile of it that is basically straight climbing. Oh how naive and unprepared I was. Though I ate plenty prior to my hike, I did not bring snacks with me, and boy did I get sick! I was entirely unsure if I was honestly going to make it back up. The more water I drank, the more sick I felt. A word of advice… Electrolyte tablets, they will save your life!

Thankfully about a mile from the top I ran into a wonderful, kind family and I swear if it wasn’t for their company I probably wouldn’t have made it. The Regalia’s were one of the nicest people I’ve met,  and being just as tired and hungry as I was they did not mind that I tagged along with their family for this final stretch. They had three children, and their humor really helped distract me from my exhaustion. Once we made it to the top, dirty and sweaty, we went straight to the closest restaurant we could find. We were all starving, and not only did they invite me to dinner, they paid for my meal as well. When you are a traveler with very little finances, a meal is more than appreciated. I will never forget that families kindness, as well as their over all energy an attitude. Honestly, I hope one day I hope to have a family just like the Regalia’s. Apparently they often find themselves meeting many strangers during their family vacations, and I know their kindness extends to every single one of them.

The next day I decided to spend as much of it as I could off my feet. EDC was the following day, and I could hardly walk after that hike. How was I going to get around the festival and make set times if I’m moving 0.5 mph? Thankfully I am stubborn so sore legs didn’t slow me down. The last day at the Canyon was spent getting our things together, and before the night fell Aura and I decided to say goodbye to the Canyon. Just wanting to glance at it’s beauty one last time before we set off for our next destination, Las Vegas. EDC was the event I was anticipating the most on this trip, I’ve waited months for this. So please stay tuned, because I can’t wait to share with you my first experience under the Electric Sky.

-Loving you all, Kida

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