2017… The Best Year of my Life.

I know what you guys are thinking “Wasn’t she going to blog about her traveling?” “Where did she go? She just stopped blogging.” So much was just going on at the time and not exactly according to plan, I wasn’t inspired to write anything,( and one should never act outside of inspiration) and things just didn’t exactly go according to plan. Basically here is how the story goes. I was on top of the world, exploring the west coast, falling in love with California, and then… I met a boy… and let’s just say it all went downhill from there. Now, how relatable is that? As to avoid speaking too ill of this guy, I won’t go into too many details. But aside from my car getting broken into in San Francisco, and the A/C in my van going out as I was driving through death valley, both costing entirely too much, he was a huge reason in my decision for turning my 4-month trip into 3 months and heading home early. Where I sold my Sun City tickets in El Paso, and left behind certain places I planned to explore, yet never had the opportunity to. But hey, at the time I was falling for this guy, he really manipulated me to believe he was the one, and it was a decision I was willing to make for him. I’ve certainly learned my lesson.

Overal my trip was amazing though. Yeah, not exactly how I wanted things to go, but I really got a taste of what freedom felt like. From window shopping at all the crystal and metaphysical shops in Sedona, and connecting with locals at a small karaoke bar. To the wind blowing in my hair as I stood on a narrow ledge on top of the Grand Canyon, in awe of its utter magnificence. To then attending my first rave and EDC in Las Vegas, spending the day walking down the strip refilling my refillable cup with frozen fruity alcoholic beverages, right after spending the night under the Electric Sky. Experiencing Pride for the first time in the best city to experience it in because of its enormous LGBT community, San Francisco! Gazing at a trillion stars with fellow brothers and sisters in the woods of Oregon. Waking up to a perfect view of the space needle in downtown Seattle. To then eating vegan pastries and food truck sandwiches while exploring the city in Portland. Jumping in the cleansing McCloud Falls in Mount Shasta, the Root Chakra of the earth Listening to my boyfriend at the time sing and play his guitar while we sat on the beach next to the Santa Monica Pier. And lastly, Poke Bowls and gift shop shopping off the beach of San Diego. It was a huge adventure, I loved waking up feeling like the world was my oyster, where I would ask myself “What City/State do you want to go to today?” I Loved that feeling I got when I arrived at a city that I’ve always wanted to go to, even if I discovered I wasn’t actually fond of it. I just felt like I had accomplished something. I no longer had to wonder what that place was like! I loved the uncertainty. I still dream of the west coast and California often. My heart and soul just wants to explore, I’ll always be an Adventurer in my heart. Being able to go on that trip was the greatest experience of my life, and I can’t wait for another opportunity to arise where I get to do it again.

Everything changed for me in 2017. It was like once the year started, everything was put into momentum to catalyze me, I attended music festivals, something I had never done before. I met like-minded friends that are more than just friends, they’re soul family. I traveled and explored the west coast, I met new people, I saw places I’ve never seen, I did things I’ve never done, I discovered new music, and a new appreciation for music, I pretty much stumbled upon a whole new life that was always meant for me. Everything was new in 2017, it was magical, transforming, tumultuous and everything that I absolutely needed so that I could become more of who I truly am. I lost myself for a while there during my 3-month relationship, but I learned a lot from that too. I gained an appreciation for myself that I never had before that relationship. I never desired my true self or my own love more than I had before in my life after losing it in that experience. 2017 was nothing but a gift Through the ups, the downs, and everything in between, I know it provided that I needed so that I would be prepared for what I know 2018 will bring me. With rituals on new years eve instead of champagne, to a full moon on New Years Day, 2018 is already off to a magical start for me.( 2+0+1+8=11 a master number) Prior to 2017 all I wanted was to fall in love. What 2017 taught me was that I don’t need some boy to fall in love, rather there is so much in this world that you can fall in love with. In 2018, and for the rest of my life, I am going to fall in love. I am going to fall in love with uncertainty. I am going to fall in love with life. I am going to fall in love with myself. I can almost smell the blessings you have waiting for me this year Goodbye 2017, That you for all that you blessed me with. It was magical and the first year where I actually lived. I’ll never forget it.

Loving you all, Kida

Introduction to my first Adventure

The Start of my Journey

Sedona Arizona

It’s been three weeks since I’ve departed for my journey, and I’ve still yet (until now) have sat down to write a single article on my travels. Guess you can cross me off as a daily blogger, but to be fair it’s so hard to prop yourself up in front of a laptop when you’re too busy exploring and living life! I left Tuesday June 6th at 2:00 in the morning, and more life fulling events have happened in the last 23 days than the entirety of my life leading up to my departure day.  Three weeks ago I was packing up my things in my home in Orlando Florida. Today I am sitting in a new friend’s home on the bay side of San Francisco, staring out the window mean mugging this perpetual fog that hovers over this side of the City. The fog has a name. His name is Karl, and Karl is not my friend. I thought I disliked the hot humid weather in Florida, but I found cold humid weather to be much more unpleasant. Just when I thought that perhaps someday I’d like to move to this city, Karl and high rental prices have convinced me to reconsider.

Childhood home in Natchitoches Louisiana

When We (Me and my travel sister, Aura) left, the angst to try and escape the pouring rain that occurs every summer in Florida is what motivated us to drive as far out west as we possibly could, only making a few pit stops in between (Little did we know the rain would follow us all the way to New Mexico). We made two pit stops on our first day in very two important locations to me. Two homes that I lived in for a time when I was a young child that I not only remember, but are located here in the United States. One located in Daphne Alabama, the other in Natchitoches Louisiana. All those childhood memories, being able to show Aura some of the places I grew up in, there was something healing about it.

Childhood home in Daphne Alabama

I think I really needed to briefly remanence on my childhood before I set off on this journey. It seems the entire drive making our way out west was spent discussing and purging things from our past. From former friendships and romantic interest, the shift in energy caused us to purge things that no longer served us. A new chapter of our life was beginning, and it was time to leave the old behind. The closer I got to the west, the more at ease I felt. I am still not entirely sure what inside me has called me out here, but at the time I knew that is where I needed to go and without questioning it, I went.


By that Thursday, June 8th, in the middle of the night we made it right outside our first Destination, Sedona Arizona. Aura was still asleep, so she was unaware that we had arrived. I parked right in front of a scenic view so that she could wake up to a gorgeous surprise. Once we were both awake and functioning we did not hesitate to make our way into the town. The scene was beautiful and the desert is very different from our home in Orlando. You can feel the rise in energy as you enter Sedona, and if you aren’t careful it can certainly sweep you away. Sedona is like a vortex and you almost feel as though you’ve walked through a worm hole and have entered another planet. During the day we took wonderful photos and explored the town. Stopping into crystal and jewelry shops where we saw a lot of handmade jewelry by Native Americans. In the middle of town I began to hear the sound of a wooden flute that was so beautiful it nearly brought me to tears. Native American culture is imbedded in Sedona. Perhaps mostly as a tourist attraction, but you can feel deep rooted Native American energy throughout the entire state of Arizona. Sedona just happens to be an extremely high energy location, which attracts spiritualist such as myself all over. After spending the night connecting with some of the locals at a Karaoke bar, we decided due to some circumstances that it would be best to head out the next day. The people we met were beautiful individuals where the conversations were very deep and enlightening, so it was sad to depart much sooner than we had anticipated. But I have a feeling I will find myself in Sedona once again, mostly because there are springs I’ve yet to explore there! It was so beautiful in Sedona, but the energy was intense. The next day I found myself being called elsewhere, The Grand Canyon, and it was a call I could not ignore. Which is what I will be sharing with you all in my next post, so stay tuned! I have a lot to catch you all up on and this is only the introduction.

                                                                                     -Kida Cross, The Electric Gypsy

Pilot- the lull

The lull

There’s 6 days before I plan to leave for my adventure. So far most things are packed and the van is set up nicely. There are still a few things I’ve got to organize and get together, and I am a little anxious as to whether everything will work out. The past week or two has felt really surreal and even slightly uncomfortable. My entire world is about to change and this lull during this transitioning period between my old life and my new life is… well strange. I have this inner knowing that once I leave I won’t come back, at least as the same person. I am currently not the same person I once was. I can’t even remember a time where my personality was fixed. I am always changing, always growing, and always becoming more than what I was. Yet the steps I am about to take and have taken, I have to say I’ve really been surprising myself. Can I even keep up with my own growth?

Being in alignment and “going with the flow” is a strange thing. When things fall into place perfectly despite the odds or obstacles, it kind of blows your mind. If I am being honest, I haven’t got a clue what I am doing. The only thing I am sure of is that I am following my joy, and somehow by doing that, I am finding the support, finances, and opportunities I need. My spiritual teacher, Teal Swan, has always stressed about following your joy. Other spiritual teachers express this as well. It is known throughout the spiritual community that the path you are meant to follow is paved with joy. I just never imagined I would find myself in a space where I am actually doing just that. I guess I hadn’t known what my joy was until recently. It wasn’t until my first Rainbow gathering and my first music festival did I find something that truly filled my soul. The thing these two events have in common is that I found myself so easily in the present moment. Every moment was filled with connection and music. Something about sleeping out of a van, or under a tarp really made me feel alive. From losing my mind in a crowd listening to electronic music, to sitting next to a fire with a bunch of gypsies with their instruments. I found myself in music. I’ve never felt passionate about music before. Now I think I found a genre of music that I absolutely can’t get enough of and I want to explore. I also am determined to learn to play the guitar so that hopefully I can join in next to the fire for a spontaneous group jam session. Not that I plan to be great at the guitar, I just want to cross learning an instrument off my bucket list.

So here I am sitting in front of my laptop typing out my first blog post as I am babysitting little baby Katalina. She’s taking a nap. Something that hasn’t changed about myself is the fact that I love to write. I’ve never been much of a fiction book writer, that is more up my sister’s ally.  What I’ve always love to do, is express my thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Sometimes I’d do this in my facebook notes, the majority of the time it’s expressed in a lengthy facebook status. Either way, I’ve got a lot to say. Was I born to blog? I guess I am about to find out. I have to tell you, nothing feels better than to have your own blog. To even say “My blog”, I get goosebumps. So far this is my first post, but stay tuned. I have a big adventure I am about to set off on, and you bet I am going to blog my ass off this summer.